The Compressed Interview #12: Enrique Muñoz

This week, I had the opportunity to talk to Enrique Muñoz, XR technology project manager in TM Leads & Branding. We talked about his experience in technology and audio for VR, mixed and augmented reality.

This is what we talked about:

Threshold: Getting Started
J: How did you get started in audio? What was your first job and how did you get it?

E: Since I was child, I dreamt with growing up to be a scientific or creating technical inventions and innovations. I used to record nature sounds, which I really liked a lot. When I grew up, I decided to study acoustic engineering in the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN for its acronym in Spanish). Then, my first job was when I created a small company and made professional video and audio recordings. The first project was a videoclip and audio for a Gregorian choir, and then it started growing. With that project we actually inaugurated the first recording room of the IPN, which was really important and gratifying.  It was a really important choir that has made presentations in Bellas Artes here in Mexico, but also in other countries in Europe and Latin America and it was their first recording, which is still playing nowadays.

Attack: Things to discuss
J: When you are feeling creatively blocked, what do you do to get back in track?

E: If I don’t have much time, I like to go out, I take some Yoga style, I try to play a game or do something different to clear my mind and come back to do the job. I also like going to the forest or the beach to breath fresh air and that increases my creativity. Being where you like the most, and doing what you like the most, creativity just arrives, especially when you are creatively blocked.

Release: Talking about the good stuff
J: What’s the next step in your career? Any project you are working on?
E: I am working with a multi-disciplinary team in order to create a VR and Mixed reality platform for artists, that will include an NFT marketplace for artists to show their work in a virtual and interactive way (VR and mixed reality) that could be monetized. This app will be the first in Latin America to protect and boost the Latin American talent.

J: What would you say is the most important thing when creating sound for VR and mixed reality?

E: I think that it should be that sound should feel real, but also magical. It should also be compatible with animations, while considering the biological part of our sight and hearing. Also, sound should generate emotions. In a mixed reality project, I think synesthesia is really important so that people who do not have that mixture of senses can understand us better.

The Gain
J: What are the biggest life lessons learned in your personal and professional career?

E: The most important lessons are to share and to be humble. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, you learn and share in multi-disciplinary teams. Sharing and learning for those experiences is what makes us human. There is a saying that goes “In life you win, and you lose”, but I like saying “In life you win, and you learn”. In every experience it doesn’t matter how bad or hard it is, you learn something.

I hope you enjoyed this interview, and we will read each other again in a couple of weeks!

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